Self and Societal Image Cont.


–  the evolution of inclusiveness, specifically of women, in advertisments overtime.

The way we as individuals and Society as a whole are percieved is largely influenced by Adevertising. There has been a consistent pattern that has evolved overtime, that determines how society or an individual wants to be viewed in that time period.

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M Y T H :

While this mistake is still common today, in the 1950’s Women often would fall for beauty tricks and myths when trying to obtain a satisfying image they want to appear as in the eyes of society. An example of this is the relationship between Coca Cola and longer, healthier hair along with the relationship between waist trainers and achieving a healthy wieght.

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M O D E R N I S M :

Overtime, advertisments have strongly relied on reaching out to consumers with a new, fresh approach. That being what is praised in the media remained the goal of a fresh modern look. It has been more generally accepted to try new things, specifically in what’s trending. In as early as the 50’s Women were dominantly restricted to relying on traditional wardrobes, and were expected to stray from any outfit too risky. Looking at women today, it is difficult to keep up with the change and what’s trending, but easy to identify what society will generally be acceptful of. It happens to be the unique, out of the norm styles that become favored by the media which has exposed the change of inclusiveness in adevrtisments.

Image result for traditional 50's outfitRelated image

S P E C T A T O R S H I P  A N D  T H E  G A Z E :

The evolution of how viewers even percieve the images displayed in media and advertising has changed overtime as well. We have become more tolerable to what is shown in advertisments.. This includes nudity, alcohol, and vulgarity. Being a spectator now means your prone to overlook what is displayed in the media today. Whereas back then, these main attractions of advertisments stood out and was completely bashed by the public. With this sort of content more common to be shown in advertisements today, society has become less responsive and individuals have become more conforming to “what’s trending” in the media.

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