From the 1950’s until now, society’s ideals have been progressing and the advertisements published for all the world to see reflect those changing ideals. Companies have made a lot of progress in regards to creating advertisements targeting people of more diverse backgrounds and identities to reflect the progression that we as a society are constantly making.

Branding changed along with inclusiveness throughout advertising history as companies started targeting more races and genders and companies gained certain ideas of what they associated with their brand to increase selling potential.

The convergence of vast numbers of media outlets results in increasing inclusion of who is the target of advertising. This impacts who is included in the ads themselves.

Positive self and societal images are being promoted through modern advertisements, which are greatly distinguished from the shockingly offensive advertisements that were created in the past.

Inclusive marketing takes a progressive role on social issues and injustices. With this, businesses are granted the power to represent demographics that are typically overlooked and to stand up for diversity within popular culture.


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